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- Actor Network Theory and Bicycle Advocacy

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The other non-existant war.

Why are we so quick to accept the blame

We can connect to you in so many ways.

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Brisbane City Council Elections Brisbane City Council Elections
“WWBD - What Would Bicycle Do?” “WWBD - What Would Bicycle Do?”
A Cost To High A Cost To High
Why We Ride 2 Abreast Why We Ride 2 Abreast
Pedestrians Vs Bikes Pedestrians Vs Bikes
"It's these cyclists"
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Welcome to Cycle

About us

We are here to promote a safe and inclusive riding environment for anyone that can throw their leg over a bike and pedal.

We are all inclusive of any type of riding, it doesn't matter what type of bike you own or where you ride it; we call these Disciplines and we do this to stop the segregation of riding groups. We work with different groups to ensure a single and powerful voice is heard by government and media. We are working to ensure we represent 'you' the cyclist, family member and community person.

What do we do

We talk to you and find out what you want, then we actively get it. This is by way of activating advocacy, direct action, or by seeking the things you are after through participation in programs we seek that help us move the cycling community forward.

How can I help

Join the community and become an active member of cycle.org.au where your voice will be heard by our leaders, politicians and communities.

We are actively seeking members NOW, so please visit our Membership area and choose the level that suits you.


Google+ - visit our page and share the cycle.org.au message with your network.